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Cap-Image is a software for the image analysis in the field of microcirculation research (intravital microscopy, capillary microscopy).

It has been designed for the use in research institutes, hospitals and in pharmacological industry. The measurement methods of Cap-Image have been validated by many research teams. Cap-Image is especially distinguished by the Line Shift Diagram method for velocity measurements and the real time movement correction.

Cap-Image has become an accepted standard image analysis system in the field of microcirculation research.



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Hardware- and Software-Requirements

Cap-Image runs on standard PC with MS Windows 2000, MS Windows XP or Windows 7.

The video images are captured from a video camera or video recorder / DVD recorder using an analogue or digital frame grabber, or are loaded from image files (*.bmp,  *.jpg) or from video files (*.avi) on the PC�s hard disk, CD or DVD, which have been created by Cap-Image or any other software and hardware.

For the real time velocity measurement and the real time movement correction and for the saving of video sequences to video files on the hard disk a high performance PC is required.



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