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March 2023
Cap-Image for Windows 11 available


July 2019
Move to Dreieich


September 2018
Cap-Image for Windows 10 available


August 2017
Support of the Blu-ray-HDD-Recorder: JVC SR-HD1500


July 2009
New measurement function for Tortuosity.

Support of the DVD-Recorder JVC SR-DVM700

Automatical Evaluation of the LSD images

Drawing of Markings (Arrow, Ellipse, Border)


June 2008
Enhancement of the LSD method for the evaluation of flow chamber experiments (Measurement lines in the entire image, longer measurement duration).

            Manual Multi-Tracking, i.e. several cells can be traced simultaneously.


January 2007
For the nailfold capillary microscopy a complete system with a Leica microscope is offered.


March 2006
Frame-to-Frame-Processing in all measurement functions.

             Support of the DVD Recorder Panasonic LQ-MD800.

             Marker-Points with capillary density.

             Many image formats with image files.


January 2005
Enhanced contrast improvement


             Video files can be played in variable speed.

             Enhanced area measurement (parallelograms und polygons).


August 2004
New measurement parameter: Capillary density per cylinder volume


March 2004
We moved to a new Address


July 2003
Read and Write of video files (*.avi, *.mpeg)

           Processing of color video images.


September 2000
New program for Windows XP and Windows 2000.


April 2000
New area measurement function with automatic recognition of areas.


October 1999
Improved movement correction works successfully even with low image contrast.


September 1999
New finger holder for nailfold capillary microscopy and a gliding stage for easy positioning of the finger.


January 1999
For the nailfold capillary microscopy a complete system with the microscope Zeiss Stemi 2000 is offered.


November 1998
High-speed camera system for the measurement of blood flow velocity up to 20 mm/s both on-line and off-line.